Movement Family Farm

who we are

We are a collective of Afro descendend people building an ecologically and economically regenerative farm and gathering space to cultivate a reconnection with the land, while nourishing an enduring and transformative intergenerational community of predominantly people of color.

our principles of unity

  • The power and importance of intergenerational connection and responsibility.
  • Collective leadership that honors women, children, and blood and chosen family relationships.
  • Honoring and recognizing the diversity of humanity and all other beings.
  • Centering the experiences and leadership of the most marginalized in our Afrikan descended
  • communities: trans and queer folk, undocumented people, youth and elders, women, poor and low-income people.
  • Embodying the world we dream of; building non-hierarchical relationships grounded in mutual respect and self-reflective/non-violent speech and action.
  • Recognizing the intersection of the spiritual and the political; we exist to support both inner and collective liberation.
  • Liberatory relationships and economics grounded in a love and respect for all Life and collective well being.
  • Creating inclusive spaces that are primarily for and by people of color with people of color in leadership.
  • Developing cooperative and sustainable models that are alternatives to empire, capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy.
  • Primary objective and specific vision for what happens on the land:
  • Build on existing deep relationships to develop a community that will collectively develop a vision of cooperative economics and learn together in the process.
  • Establish an urban-rural connection to deepen our relationship with the land and build resilience to climate change and ecological crises.
  • Create a working “regenerative” farm with the primary purpose of feeding 30+ families while building a community of individuals to collectively own the farm and actively participate as “CSA” Members recipients both benefiting from the bounty while also working to produce it.
  • Share the alternative model of farming, intergenerational community and cooperative economics with broader communities.
  • To be economically and ecologically sustainable.

The Land

The Movement Family Farm is located in the unceded ancestral territory of the Wabanaki, Abenaki, and Pennacook on 15 acres of land in Loudon, New Hampshire, just outside of Concord. We offer recognition, respect, and celebration for the Indigenous people who have cared for and stewarded this land for generations.

We are certified as an organic farm, using sustainable, agroecological practices. We believe in food sovereignty and a just food system that respects the earth, and is locally controlled, and nourishes and heals our bodies, mind, and spirit.

We are grateful to our ancestors, on whose shoulders we grow.


Glynn Lloyd and Sara Mersha

Mariama White-Hammond and Turahn Dorsey

Kalila Barnett

Dara Bayer

Gladys Gould

Trina Jackson

Nikomo Peartree

Cleon Robert Springer